About Us


The Southeast Delco School District Musical was founded in 1976 by Michael J Rayer, Jr. and celebrated its 40th Anniversary in May of 2015. Roy Verna delivered the first line on March 5, 1976 when he said “Tradition” from our first production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Since then over 1500 students have been involved in the District Musical as actors, stage crew, tech crew, and orchestra members. The musical was the first activity established in the Southeast Delco School District on a district-wide basis. Countless parents, teachers, administrators, boards of school directors, community members and friends of the musical have supported us during our proud 40+ year history. Several of those musical alumni have become members of the staff over the years and others now have children participating in the shows! We are very fortunate to have so many musical alumni that return and help us with the production of our annual shows – lights and sound, set, orchestra, make-up, etc. Many thanks to all of you for keeping the TRADITION alive!

The District Musical of the Southeast Delco School District is dedicated to expanding the educational opportunities of our students by promoting the theatrical development of District students in grades 5 to 12. Participants are given a wide range of opportunities to cultivate and enhance their talents in front of an audience and behind the scenes. This is accomplished in an encouraging, stimulating and supportive environment culminating in a quality musical theatrical production each Spring.